Our Legacy

Inspired by the classic timepieces, we at Telesto watches, take great pride in the history of watchmaking. The fact that the first wristwatch was designed by Patek Philippe for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868 makes it even more important to cherish and embalm the timepiece traditions. It is our pledge to keep evolving and discover new and exciting classical timepieces to be inspired by.

Birth of the wristwatch

Later on in the early 20th Century Louis Cartier took a pocket watch and made it a wrist watch for a friend who was flying a plane in Paris, one of the earliest pilots. His name was Alberto Santos-Dumonta and he needed a watch on his wrist for navigation and so the wristwatch was born.


The first ever waterproof watch was the Rolex Oyster Perpetual from 1926. This was the first innovation followed by many made by one the greatest watchmakers

Our way

Filled with inspiration from great watchmakers Telesto watches searched deep within our heritage to create and redefine old classical looks. Our ambition is to evolve and recharge the legendary watches from the past. We are inspired by words such as legacy, craftsmanship and honesty.

That is our way