Telesto story

Where we come from, the timepiece tradition has been handed down from generation to generation. Trade codes such as quality, craftsmanship and details have followed us all our lives no matter place or time. Filled with inspiration from great watchmakers Telesto watches searched deep within our heritage to create and redefine old classical looks. Our ambition is to evolve and recharge the legendary watches from the past. We are inspired by words such as legacy, craftsmanship and honesty. We are inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship of watchmaking illustrated in Norman Rockwells painting the watchmaker of Switzerland.

When studying the classical watches, we discovered the beauty of simplicity and quality. Less is more is a modern statement, but looking at the history of watchmaking this is what struck us. Classical design with focus on details is what Telesto watches is all about.

The case size at 38mm, is the most elegant and sophisticated size. Choosing the 38mm we keep true to our legacy of redefining classical timepieces. In many cases the traditional timepiece size was even more petite but keeping it at 38mm makes Telesto watches suitable for all occasion.

Using a dome shaped lens reminds us of our past and the beauty of the classical watches. At Telesto we want to stay close to our heritage and pay tribute to the past.